3500 Series

Our 3500 Series all-aluminum construction floats – both amphibious and straight – were developed for home built and custom aircraft, including:

3500S - Murphy SR

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2400 Amphib Floats on Glastar Sportsman

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Constructed of modern aircraft aluminum alloys, Montana Floats are durable and light-weight and designed to minimize drag.


Unlike composites, Montana Floats are easy to repair if ever damaged because our all-aluminum aircraft float simply needs to be patched and coated with a marine adhesive sealant that restores the watertight seal.

Montana Floats 3500 Series are available three different ways:

  1. Completed and shipped to the customer for installation.
  2. Completed and will assist or do the installation (if you fly in).
  3. In kit form with all parts for assembly (certain adhesives are not included).